Federal Partners

In addition to the support provided by our Office, six federal government departments and agencies are also mandated to support the activities of the governor general.

  • The National Capital Commission is responsible for preservation, maintenance and capital construction projects for all of the official residences located in Canada’s Capital region, including Rideau Hall.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides support in matters related to the security and personal protection services for the governor general, domestically and abroad.
  • National Defence provides logistical support to and transportation for the governor general in an official capacity.
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada provides our Office with support for the Citadelle of Québec and accommodation for the Chancellery of Honours, as well as such services as those of the receiver general.
  • Global Affairs Canada advises the governor general on all matters related to foreign policy and funds activities related to incoming State visits, as well as the governor general’s international program and activities undertaken at the request of the prime minister.
  • Canadian Heritage is the lead department for activities including Royal tours, State funerals, national memorial services and special anniversary celebrations in which the governor general is involved.