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Wearing of Insignia

Information April 19, 2017

The Canadian Honours System has rules in regards to how and when an insignia should be worn. For daytime and evening functions of a less formal nature, such as Remembrance Day, Royal Canadian Legion or regimental gatherings, or some medal presentation ceremonies, guests may wear full-size medals...

Types of Honours

Information April 19, 2017

Canadian honours come in three different categories: orders, decorations, and medals.

Order of Precedence

Information April 18, 2017

The Canadian Honours System has rules in regards to the Order of Precedence of its various honours. The following are the Canadian Honours System post-nominals and Order of Precedence as of April 2, 1998’s Privy Council no P.C. 1998-591.

Example of the Order of Precedence and the post-...

Royal Letters Patent 1988

Information March 06, 2017

Royal Letters Patent authorizing the granting of armorial bearings in Canada

Parts of a Coat of Arms

Information March 06, 2017

Shield, mantling, crest, supporters: what are the parts of a coat of arms?

It’s An Honour!

Information November 21, 2022

Educational resources on the Canadian Honours System for grades 4 to 12 (Grade 4 to Secondary 5)

Heraldry Colouring

Official Activity November 21, 2022

Download and print this PDF and create your own coats of arms!