Grant of Arms, Flags and Badges

In Canada, the Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA) manages the official creation of coats of arms, flags and badges. All Canadian citizens and organizations (municipalities, schools, associations, etc.) can contact the chief herald of Canada to apply for a grant of heraldic emblems. Approval is not automatic, and applications are assessed on merit, as a grant of heraldic emblems is an honour from the Crown in recognition of service to the community.

It currently takes from 6 to 12 months to assess new applications. Please also note that our file backlog has lengthened production duration at every stage, and it can take 3 years to receive a completed document. We thank you for your patience.

  1. Opening of the file
    • You fill out the online application form.
    • After submitting the form, you send us the supporting documents within the next 5 business days, after which time incomplete applications will be deleted.
    • The chief herald of Canada reviews your application and makes a recommendation to the deputy herald chancellor, who will at his discretion authorize the grant to be made.
    • A file is opened and an invoice for the processing fee is sent to you.

    Note that the grant process can be cancelled at any time should your eligibility change. Payments of the processing fee and art invoices do not guarantee the grant.

  2. Research and written concept
    • A herald works with you to determine the design of your emblems.
    • The chief herald of Canada reviews, recommends changes or approves the concept developed by the herald.
    • written proposal, including all of the design elements and their significance, is sent to you for your approval.
    • If changes are required, a revised version of the concept will be submitted. The chief herald of Canada must approve a final version before we can proceed to the next step.
  3. Preliminary artwork
    • You sign a contract with an artist appointed by the CHA.
    • The artist creates a colour illustration of your heraldic emblems.
    • This preliminary artwork is sent to you for your approval, along with the artist’s invoice.

  4. Final art and calligraphy of the grant document
    • You choose one of two formats for the grant document.
    • You sign two contracts: one with the artist who did the preliminary art and one with a calligrapher.
    • The artist paints your heraldic emblems on the grant document. The artist’s invoice is then sent to you.
    • The calligrapher adds the text to the grant document. The calligrapher’s invoice is then sent to you.
    • The document is sealed and signed by the chief herald of Canada and other CHA officers.

  5. Mailing and publication