State Visit to Finland - Day 2

February 08, 2023

  • Governor General Simon walking down a gravel path in a cemetery. A man in a uniform is walking beside her and a group of people are walking behind them. Behind the group is a large stone clock tower.
  • Governor General Simon standing in front of a group of people on a gravel road. Their expressions are sombre. Several people are in military uniforms.
  • Governor General Simon standing in front of a wreath laid on a black monument. A military band performs behind her.
  • A wreath with red-and-white flowers laying in front of a monument. A group of people in military uniform stand around the monument.
  • Governor General Simon sitting at a large table with a group of people. A presentation plays on a television at the end of the table.
  • Governor General Simon sitting at a large table, smiling to a man on her right.
  • Governor General Simon holding a pink flower and speaking to two school children. Two women are standing behind them.
  • Governor General Simon standing with several women. The woman on her left is speaking to her.
  • Governor General Simon standing between a man and a woman. The woman is speaking to them.
  • Governor General Simon shaking hands with a young woman. Four other young people are standing nearby, looking at them.
  • Governor General Simon sitting at the head of a large conference table, in between two other people. Behind her are two flags of Canada and two flags of Finland. Two other people sitting at the table have their backs to the camera.