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Friends of Canada Reception (Stockholm, Sweden)

Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday, February 21, 2017



On behalf of my wife, Sharon, and the entire Canadian delegation, I thank you for welcoming us so warmly to Sweden. We’re so pleased to be here among friends!

And we’re so delighted to be here at this magnificent museum. It’s truly impressive!

This display reminds me: Sweden and Canada are great coastal nations. Throughout our histories, we have relied upon oceans and seas for transportation, for trade, for livelihoods.

And we are also Arctic nations, with vibrant Arctic populations and rich environmental, economic and cultural resources in the north.

These are just two of our many similarities, as this State visit to Sweden reminds us.

Tonight, we bring a little bit of Canada to Sweden. This is a taste of Canadian culture, as well as a preview of our 150th birthday celebrations being held this year.

And what better way to celebrate a birthday than among close friends?!

Canada is a young country in comparison to Sweden, but together we have a rich history of collaboration. The theme of this visit—innovative, inclusive and sustainable societies—speaks to our shared goals.

We’ve highlighted this close and diverse relationship over the past two days. It’s a delight for Sharon, the delegation and me to see the many ways in which Canadians and Swedes are working together.  

I’ve met with so many Swedes who are contributing great things to our relationship. Students, business leaders, innovators and educators, athletes, scientists and artists—all understand the importance of our ties.

Sharon has also met many wonderful people. She has met with students and teachers. She has discussed issues related to mental health. She has engaged with researchers on health and aging.

Tomorrow, we continue exploring this great country in Malmö and Lund, before ending our visit in Gothenburg on Thursday.

I’d like to warmly thank Their Majesties, who have been with us every step of the way. We’re honoured by your presence and touched by your warmth. Your active participation in this visit underscores how vital our relationship is.

And yet, we can go further. Canada and Sweden have a window of opportunity, opening now.

Together, let us seize this moment. Let’s work together to build fair, prosperous and inclusive societies in which equality of opportunity and excellence go hand-in-hand. 

Thank you all for your contributions to our enduring friendship.