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Announcement of the Lord Stanley Memorial Monument

March 18, 2013

To paraphrase the words of Lord Stanley: I have for some time past been thinking that it would be a good thing if there were a memorial to honour the great contributions of Lord Stanley of Preston.

I am excited that Canadians are not only honouring the history of hockey, but also recognizing the contributions of a former governor general to the history of this country.

The connections to hockey that began with Lord Stanley dictated a very close relationship between the game and the viceregal office for more than a century. That relationship continues to this day.

It is quite fitting that this monument will be ready by the 150th anniversary of this country, as well as the 125th anniversary of the donation of the Stanley Cup.

What’s more, it is quite apropos that Canadians from across this country have the opportunity to suggest and contribute to the design of the monument.

In the end, after all, this will belong to all of us.

I cannot wait for our sesquicentennial to see just how we will immortalize this important figure in our history and the game of hockey. I congratulate and thank all those who are making this project possible.

David Johnston