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The Caring Canadian Award: Celebrating our Unsung Heroes

April 17, 2012

Group photo of the Caring Canadian Award Ceremony

It cannot be denied that we are a caring country. This is something that I have experienced first-hand, and the statistics bear this out. For example, Canadian volunteers worked the equivalent of more than one million full-time jobs in 2010.

But beyond statistics, we find people — ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things for their community and their country. And today, we celebrated the accomplishments of 28 of those people with the Caring Canadian Award. This award is first a way for our country to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of grassroots volunteers, those who contribute to their community’s well-being one good deed at a time. Second, it is a way to encourage others to give of their own time and talents.

I encourage everyone to read about today’s recipients. Their stories are sometimes emotional, sometimes innovative, but always inspiring. And as you are reading, think about what you can do for your community. Even the smallest acts can change lives.

Since the beginning of my mandate, I have spoken of creating a smarter, more caring nation. Every day, across the country and in so many minute ways, volunteers are helping to bring us closer to achieving that vision. Our true test now is to continue this tradition of volunteering to encompass a new age. One in which the needs of the community are changing. One in which incorporating new technologies in volunteering is redefining how we give. One in which the ideas of new and young Canadians are shifting the ways we think about volunteering.

The Caring Canadian Award is a symbol of how much we value giving in our society. Throughout my mandate, I will continue to honour our caring Canadians, to share the stories of our volunteers, and to urge this country to tap into our potential and propensity for giving. I encourage everyone to nominate a caring Canadian in your community. So many unsung heroes have gone too long without recognition. Together, we can honour those who have worked tirelessly and selflessly for Canadians.

We are a caring country. Now let’s show what we can do!